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Choose an Intel® Anti-Theft Technology Service Provider

Once you’ve found the right Intel® Anti-Theft Technology (Intel® AT)-enabled laptop, the next step is to choose an appropriate Intel® Anti-Theft Technology-enabled service. We’re partnering with a range of proven security partners to bring you the best combination of management features and encryption options.

Allied Digital Services Ltd.

Allied Digital Services Ltd.

Allied Digital provides enterprise and business IT services including infrastructure management and implementations, application development and management, and end user IT support. Allied Digital also provides a managed anti-theft service enabled with Intel® Anti-Theft Technology to protect critical business assets.

Allied Digital Services Ltd.

Dream Castle Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Dream Castle Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is part of the DCS Global group of companies based in Chennai, India. DCS is expanding the current portfolio of software application and security management services by partnering with Softex Inc. to provide anti-theft services in India, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.



MyWork Services for Mobile*, part of Unisys Mobility Solutions*, are subscription-based, managed services and include mobile device management, end-user experience monitoring, desktop outsourcing, service desk outsourcing, and end-user asset management.  Unisys supports and utilizes Intel® AT as part of these core end user services.



Computrace* by Absolute Software lets organizations centrally manage and secure their computers, allowing for better data protection, easier IT asset management, and managed theft recovery.



Softex SecureDisable* is a low-cost, easy-to-manage solution using Intel® AT technology. It can be hosted in the cloud or hosted by enterprise customers and solution providers. The solution can be easily managed using consoles such as Active Directory*, BMC Remedy*, and so on.



WinMagic SecureDoc's Full-Disk Encryption* provides true full-disk encryption to laptops and PCs, encrypting the hard drive on a sector-by-sector basis. Now with the added protection of Intel Anti-Theft Technology.