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Share Video in a Snap with Intel® Quick Sync Video

Create, edit, and share video in a flash

Spend clicks versus hours to edit, convert, and share your video, at home and online—with Intel® Quick Sync Video, your video is waiting for you, not the other way around.

What is Intel® Quick Sync Video?

Intel Quick Sync Video, built right into the Intel® Core™ processor1 with Intel® Graphics Technology, uses the dedicated media processing capabilities of Intel Graphics Technology to make video creation and conversion faster and easier. With it you can create DVDs or Blu-ray* discs, create and edit 3D videos, convert 2D video files into 3D, and convert video for your portable media player and for uploading to your favorite social networking sites—all in a flash.

17 times faster video optimization

Optimize a video for a social media site 17 times faster with a new Ultrabook™ with a 4th generation Intel® Core i5-4200U processor with Iris™ graphics2 versus a four year old notebook with an Intel® Core™2 Duo processor.3

Watch Intel® Quick Sync Video demo >

Enjoy video

Video is everywhere, creating and viewing is more important and fun than ever.4 However, working with video content and converting it for different uses can be time-consuming. Intel Quick Sync Video reduces the wait time significantly.

Visual technology demo

See what makes video processing lightning fast on the Intel Core processor.

Watch the demo >

How it works

Video content is typically compressed and encoded into a specific format when it is stored on hard drives, DVDs, camcorders, cell phones, or broadcast media. When you want to play that content, burn it onto a DVD or Blu-ray* disc, or copy it to your phone, it must first be decoded and then re-encoded in a new format, a resource- and time-intensive process. Intel Quick Sync Video uses the dedicated media processing capabilities of Intel Graphics Technology to decode and encode significantly faster, while also enabling the processor to complete other tasks, improving overall PC performance and responsiveness.

For developers

Optimize your applications for Intel Quick Sync Video.

Learn how with the Intel® Media SDK >

Product and Performance Information


1. Available on select Intel® Core™ processors. See ark.intel.com for more details.

2. Iris is a trademark of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.

3. Measured on OEM system using CyberLink MediaEspresso* 6.7 - to convert a 6 minute, ~1GB, 1920x1080p, 23738 kbps, MOV video file that one would have obtained from an iPhone 4S. The file is transcoded to a smaller 640x360, H.264, .MP4 file for reduced file size during internet transfers or for viewing on a portable device with lower resolution such as an iPod.

4. eMarketer.com