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Digital Home Battery Life: Previous Gen Core™2 Duo Mobile Processor

Intel® Core™2 Duo processor

Previous generation Intel® Core™2 Duo processor

With Intel's processor technology for notebooks, designed for longer battery life, you get the freedom and flexibility to work, learn, play and enjoy on the go.

Watch a full-length Blu-ray* movie on one battery charge

Battery Life with Blu-ray* Playback

Watch movies come alive

See what all the buzz is about. Experience Blu-ray* movies with eye-popping visual clarity on Intel's mobile technology, designed for longer battery life.

Intel® Centrino® 2 Processor Technology Notebook PC Configuration
July 2008
Notebook PC Configurations Used for Digital Home Blu-ray* Playback Measurements
Intel® Mobile System Intel® Centrino® 2 processor technology
OEM laptop Lenovo IdeaPad* Y530
Processor name Intel® Core™ Duo processor T9400
Processor speed 2.53 GHz
Processor secondary cache 6MB Level 2 cache
Front Side Bus 1066 MHz
Chipset Mobile Intel® GM45 Express Chipset
Chipset INF file Intel® INF
Platform BIOS Lenovo* V.10CN37WW
System memory Hynix* 2x1GB DDR3-1066 7-7-7-20
Intel® Turbo Memory N/A
Intel® Turbo Memory driver N/A
Hard disk Hitachi Travelstar* HTS542525K SATA 250GB 5400RPM
Video controller Intel® GMA4500MHD
Video memory size/type 781MB Dynamic Video Memory Technology
Video driver version V.
Graphics 1280x800 resolution, 32-bit color S
Screen size 15.25" WXGA
Sound card Realtek* High Definition Audio
Network card Broadcom Netlink Fast Internet
Wireless network card Intel® Wireless WiFi Link
Operating system Microsoft Windows Vista* Home Premium, Build 6001 SP1 on NTFS
DirectX* version DirectX* 10
Power management mode Balanced mode
Battery specifications 57.72 Wh

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Product and Performance Information


1. Blu-ray* playback: Test was performed using CyberLink Power DVD* pre-production retail version 8.0.1826.50 to playback the movie "300" in repeat mode until the battery is fully drained. The movie is 116 minutes long. The results of this test is based on a specific notebook and configuration. Results may vary.

2. MobileMark* 2007 is a benchmark used to evaluate notebook PC user experience by measuring both performance and battery life at the same time on the same workload. MobileMark 2007 was released in August 2007 and contains workloads that are updated from those found in MobileMark* 2005. Because the workloads within MobileMark 2007 and MobileMark 2005 are different and operating system features between Microsoft Windows* XP and Microsoft Windows* Vista also differ, it is not meaningful to compare the performance scores or battery life results of these two benchmarks.

3. Performance tests and ratings are measured using specific computer systems and/or components and reflect the approximate performance of Intel® products as measured by those tests. Any difference in system hardware or software design or configuration may affect actual performance. Buyers should consult other sources of information to evaluate the performance of systems or components they are considering purchasing. For more information on performance tests and on the performance of Intel products, visit www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/benchmarks/resources-benchmark-limitations.html.

4. Relative performance for each benchmark is calculated by taking the actual benchmark result for the first platform tested and assigning it a value of 1.0 as a baseline. Relative performance for the remaining platforms tested was calculated by dividing the actual benchmark result for the baseline platform into each of the specific benchmark results of each of the other platforms and assigning them a relative performance number that correlates with the performance improvements reported.