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Fluent Speeds Ultra-Low Latency Trading with Intel® Technologies

Fluent Trade Technologies’ ultra-low-latency trading infrastructure handles billions of dollars of trades each day for brokers and automated trading systems. To deliver high-speed data transfer rates, Fluent upgraded its servers to the Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family. The move is helping Fluent reduce latency by more than 90 percent while controlling operating costs. In this case study, Fluent CTO Moshe Roffie and other IT leaders at the firm tell how new Dell servers based on the Intel Xeon processor E5 family are accelerating Fluent’s feed handler, which integrates data from multiple sources, and its Apache Hadoop*-based big data solution, which facilitates analysis of large data volumes.

Using the Intel Xeon processor E5 family for its feed handler, Fluent reduces the latency between the time data is collected from multiple sources to the instant it is presented in a unified feed to clients. Fluent’s IT leaders say they’ve reduced latency from 20 microseconds with previous-generation Intel® processors to just 2 microseconds. This lets Fluent’s customers execute a half a million more messages per CPU core—a significant advantage in their ability to execute trades quickly and reliably.

The Intel Xeon processors are also accelerating Fluent’s big data environment, which uses an Apache Cassandra* and Hive* to analyze large data sets stored in Hadoop Distributed File System* (HDFS*). The Intel Xeon processor E5 family gives Fluent’s big data solution more performance to process complex calculations and large data volumes at ultra low latency.

Read the full Fluent Speeds Ultra-Low Latency Trading with Intel® Technologies Case Study.

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