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Intel® Cloud Builders: Analysts Viewpoints

Clive Longbottom, Service Director at research firm Quocirca, discusses the Cloud Industries progress

Cloud Trends in Europe

Security is always a concern with cloud trends, and although private cloud is often the solution, some functions can be done better on a public cloud. Cloud isn’t just virtualizing an environment but an elasticity and multiplicity of workloads

See how cloud trends in Europe are about multiplicity of workloads >

Big Data Intelligence

Big Data is about applying proper business analytics, business tools and then business intelligence against the analytics

Consider the tools necessary to capitalize on Big Data analytics >

Data Center Transitions

Current data center transitions are uncovering topics around energy, virtualization, cloud, temperature, hot and cold aisles, containers and modules

See the trends in data centers from temperature to containers >

Built-in Cloud Security

Maintain the security of your intellectual property with information based security built in at multi-levels of the cloud

 Find out how to boost the safety of information in the cloud >