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Journey to Cloud eMagazine: Vol. 2, Issue 1

Big Data, Hadoop, and next-generation cloud management

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The Age of Data-Intensive Computing
Now more than ever, companies are faced with big data streams and repositories. Aggregating, reading, and analyzing large amounts of structured, multi-structured, and complex or social data is a big challenge for most enterprises. According to The Guardian, over the next decade there will be 44 times more data and content than today. Information is exploding in volume, variety, and velocity. But the determining factor is the fourth V, the ability to extract value from available data. The large volume of data is accompanied by a diversification in types of information and the speed and frequency with which it’s being generated and distributed. The need for real-time and near-real-time data processing has been growing significantly. And that alone pose a challenge in an already undermined IT infrastructure.

Because of these challenges, there’s a need for an alternative approach to data processing and business intelligence. This alternative approach includes both the Hadoop* Map Reduce* framework and unstructured data warehousing solutions. This new approach doesn’t invalidate the traditional data warehouse, but it does acknowledge its limitations in dealing with large volumes of data.

In this issue, we explore alternative solutions for big data scale-out storage solutions, Hadoop, next-generation cloud management, cloud security, HPC on demand, and more. Be sure to let us know what you think.