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Deep Packet Inspection Enables Service-Aware Network Architecture

Deep Pack Inspection Enables Service-Aware Network Architecture

Part IV of series discusses how deep packet inspection (DPI) enables network operators to offer new services and better manage bandwidth by providing real-time visibility into IP traffic patterns and user behavior.

Parts I, II, and III of this four paper series detailed how software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) are enabling a more flexible networking architecture compared to traditional approaches that use fixed-function network elements. They also described high-level hardware and software requirements for the SDN architecture, relevant Intel® reference designs, and ongoing efforts to make the orchestration layer better informed about node platform capabilities.

This paper, Part IV, focuses on the benefits L4-L71 deep packet inspection (DPI) brings to network operators and suggests OpenFlow* enhancements to take greater advantage of DPI technologies. After reading the paper, one will be able to explain how service-aware networks will enable new revenue opportunities and describe where DPI is likely to be deployed in SDN-based networks.

Read the full Deep Pack Inspection Enables Service-Aware Network Architecture White Paper.

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