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Technology for Creators

Intel® Technology and Your Creativity

  • Unleash your imagination

Enjoy more creative freedom on any canvas you choose

Technology is accelerating the way we bring creative ideas to life. Computers help us ideate, collaborate, produce, and release our creations into the world. Mobile devices capture a fleeting moment of inspiration. Software continues to narrow the gap between the professional and the amateur.

In photography, film and video, music—just about anywhere creativity and technology intersect—you’ll find Intel driving new innovations. Take a closer look, and you’ll discover the many ways filmmakers, video editors, bloggers, musicians, photographers, designers, and others rely on Intel to push the boundaries of their creativity.

Capture amazing images

Capture amazing images

Enjoy the highest levels of performance to run demanding editing programs, transfer RAW image files, manage vast photo libraries, and more.

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Set your vision in motion

Set your vision in motion

Take advantage of built-in Intel® technologies that simplify and accelerate a variety of digital video processes while providing the processing performance to run multiple editing applications at once.

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Stay in the groove longer

Stay in the groove longer

Anyone who makes music, whether they are a sound engineer, instrumentalist, or DJ, can benefit from more tracks, more plugins, more instruments, and more time to create songs.

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Benefit from industry collaborations

Intel collaborates with creative industry leaders to optimize technology for a range of creative pursuits. For example, Intel works alongside Cakewalk* to optimize music recording and editing software, Avid* to develop video solutions, and Adobe* to advance photo, video, and image rendering and editing.

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Experience culture, creativity, and technology

The Creators Project

As a company founded on creative thinking, Intel encourages creative endeavors of any kind, in many fields. That’s just one of the reasons Intel sponsors a range of initiatives to encourage creative exploration and development.

One of those initiatives is The Creators Project™. Intel and Vice developed this ongoing global arts and technology project to support visionary artists, musicians, and filmmakers who use technology to push the bounds of creative expression. Since its debut in 2010, it has produced multimedia works with leading and emerging artists, musicians, filmmakers, and designers from across the world. The project includes an online community featuring daily editorial and documentaries, a content creation studio, and a traveling event series.