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2010 Corporate Responsibility Report: Strategy and Management

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2010 Corporate Responsibility Report: Strategy and Management

An Integrated, Strategic Approach By incorporating corporate responsibility into our strategy and objectives, we manage our business more effectively and identify ways to apply our technology and expertise to benefit the environment and society and create shared value. Our focus on responsible business practices helps us mitigate risks, reduce costs, protect brand value, and identify new market opportunities.

For decades, the backbone of our corporate culture has been our Intel Values: Customer Orientation, Discipline, Quality, Risk Taking, Great Place to Work, and Results Orientation. These values define who we are and how we act as employees and as a company. They move us forward toward common goals—in both business and corporate responsibility.

We are committed to operating with transparency, as it holds us account-able and encourages two-way dialogue with our employees and other stakeholders. As highlighted throughout this report, we focus on building relationships and partnerships with external organizations to help improve our performance and increase the impact of our programs and initiatives.

Global strategy

Our vision is to create and extend computing technology to connect and enrich the lives of every person on earth. The number and variety of devices connected to the Internet are growing, and computing is becoming an increasingly personal experience. End users value consistency across devices that connect seamlessly and effortlessly to the Internet and to each other. We will help to enable this experience by innovating around three pillars of computing: energy-efficient performance, connectivity, and security. To meet these objectives, we are using our core assets: our silicon and process technology, our architecture and platforms, our global presence, our strong relationships across the industry, and our brand recognition. We rolled out the 2010 update of our vision and strategy for our employees through a campaign that included videos from our senior leaders, training materials, and intranet communications.

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