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High-performance Data Center Management Helps Optimize Energy Use and Reduce Costs

Energy cost is becoming a key operating metric for IT departments and one of the top concerns for data center owners. When Sinopec Geophysical Research Institute (SGRI) looked for a solution to reduce the TCO of its data centers, it considered Intel® Data Center Manager (Intel® DCM) and eventually adopted it. Intel DCM is a data center management solution that can conduct real-time out of band monitoring and management of the overall energy consumption of servers, without affecting the operation of the systems, and provide reasonable energy-saving measures according to actual environment and server operations based on historical data. Intel DCM can automatically monitor real-time energy consumption and inlet temperature of each server in the data center of SGRI, record this data and store it in a database. After a period of time, Intel DCM can be used to analyze the energy consumption data and implement energy saving strategies accordingly. With Intel DCM for temperature regulation in computer rooms in the data center, SGRI is expecting it will achieve a 10 percent reduction in its overall data center energy consumption.

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