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Data Center Efficiency with Intel® Technology

Maximize data center efficiency and reliability with smart Intel® technologies and thermal solutions

Data Center Efficiency with Intel Platforms and Solutions

Businesses demand IT energy efficiency, but also optimized capacities, lower energy costs, and room for growth.

Intel’s data center efficiency innovations integrate proven technologies, trusted tools for tracking metrics, and infrastructure and facility solutions that help your optimize at every platform level. From processor and server to ambient temperature data center design, Intel innovations ensure efficient performance and reliability.

Modernize on Intel Infrastructure

Efficient IT infrastructures start with industry-leading servers. With 15 times the performance, Intel® Xeon® processors reduce server space, cooling costs, and energy usage. Further simplify your network design and reduce infrastructure and storage complexity with Intel® 10GbE Server Adapter Unified Networking for even higher performance per watt.

Accelerate your infrastructure’s component efficiency with the adoption of data center High Ambient Temperature Designs. Data center assessments show industry trends raising optimal temperature set points for significant reductions in cooling and power utilization (PUE) costs. 

Migrating business-critical information to the cloud?

An efficient cloud solution is foremost a secure one. Hardware-based security features like Intel® Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions (Intel® AES-NI) and Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (Intel® TXT) come built-in Intel Xeon processor-based servers, providing dramatic improvements in encryption performance for increased data protection, and enhanced IT infrastructure security against malware threats. Get the latest on implementing proven, open cloud computing solutions that accelerate your migration to Cloud 2015 Vision.

Manage for Measurement and Accountability

Easily monitor and trend your data center efficiencies by implementing dynamic measurements to track cooling, productivity, and lower power utilization at every data center level. Smart tools like Intel® Intelligent Power Node Manager enable IT managers to accurately control power and thermal measurements at individual servers, racks, or rows. Intel® Intelligent Power Technology dynamically scales power to reduce idling cores and cut power consumption when you don’t need it.

Maximize Operational Efficiency

The most efficient data center uses all of its design and components. IT managers need the ability to constrain power and cooling resources, tap into stranded capacity, or optimize individual rack workload without impacting performance. With Intel® Intelligent Power Node Manager and Power Thermal Aware Scheduling, the IT decision makers can provide dynamic, policy-based management and provisioning at the data center level. Further ensure reliable optimization and efficient solutions with real-time power monitoring and control using Intel® Data Center Manager (Intel® DCM).