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Ambitious Goals, Amazing Progress

• We exceeded our annual hiring goal, achieving 43.1% diverse hiring against a goal of 40%—up 1.8x hires over 2014.

• We increased hiring of underrepresented minorities by 31% to a total of 11.8% in 2015.

• We increased our hiring of women by nearly 43% to a total of 35% in 2015.

• We narrowed the gap in female representation, ending the year with a workforce that’s 24.8% women, a 5.4% increase over 2014.

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A Snapshot of Our People

    Strong Progress on Key Fronts

    Annual Program Summary


    As technology and markets continue to evolve, building and growing a workforce that is fully representative of the customers we serve and communities in which we operate is paramount to our success.

    Brian Krzanich, Chief Executive Officer, Intel

    In 2015, we set an ambitious goal to be the first high tech company to reach full representation of women and underrepresented minorities in our U.S. workforce by 2020. We committed $300M to support this goal and our efforts span these core programs and objectives:

    1. Achieve full U.S. workforce representation through focused hiring and retention programs.

    2. Grow the pipeline of technical talent for the industry at large with innovative partnerships with schools, colleges, and universities.

    3. Improve diversity in our supply chain and invest in diverse entrepreneurs of emerging technologies.

    4. Support women in gaming and other online communities with innovative programs like Hack Harassment, which aims to combat online harassment.

    5. Continue to share our progress and show our belief in transparency by publishing our results every year. It keeps us accountable and we hope it encourages others to be equally transparent.

    Leading the Future

    Diversity in the workplace is key to Intel’s ability to deliver rewarding employee experiences and business results.

    Our Path Forward is Clear

    Looking Ahead to 2016

    We are merely one year into a comprehensive, multiyear effort. In 2016, Intel will continue to monitor results, build on our successes, and make adjustments where necessary to fulfill our mission and goals as outlined below.

    •  Achieve 45% diverse hiring in the U.S. with a new sub-goal of 14% hiring of underrepresented minorities.

    •  Improve retention of diverse employees and maintain our focus on progression, including the launch of GROW—a company-wide initiative that promotes personal growth and inclusion so Intel is a place where every employee can experience their career best.

    •  Set a stretch goal to reach full representation in our non-technical populations by the end of 2016.

    •  Continue pipeline efforts with announcements of new partnerships with universities while continuing to scale 2015 programs.

    •  Drive progress on spending with diverse suppliers and investing with diverse entrepreneurs.

    Maintaining Diversity at Intel

    Product and Performance Information


    Year-over-year increase in percentages are calculated using the following formula: (% in 2015 - % in 2014)/% in 2014.

    For example, the 2014 Technical Female Representation equaled 19.0% of employees and the 2015 Women Representation equaled 20.1% of employees. The year-over-year increase equals (20.1%-19.0%)/19.0% = 5.8% year-over-year increase.