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Intel® Teachers Companion

The Intel Teachers Companion is an online collection of resources, professional development materials, and means of collaboration to aid teachers in the implementation and effective use of technology in the classroom.


The Intel Teachers’ Companion provides many resources designed to facilitate engaging and effective teaching practices.  There are tools to help educators with project design and assessment, information prioritization and evaluation, and relationship mapping.  These tools contribute to the development of 21st century skills in students.  PC Basics is a resource consisting of lessons in the use of new computer technology for both students and teachers. 

Other resources include:

  • Skoool – A set of subject related problem sets and exercises
  • Encyclopaedia Britannica – An innovative online resource fully compatible with all existing classroom technology
  • British Council – A series of resources for international educational and cultural opportunities


Since knowledge and education are the most important aspects of a teacher’s development, we offer our learning platform and courses to help educators stay up to date with the constantly changing world.  The Intel Teachers’ Companion offers Intel Teach – Elements courses to bolster the ability of educators to effectively utilize technology to enhance the learning experience of students.  Teachers can generate and share structured content through the Intel Teach – Advanced Online program, which focuses on the effective combination of different modes of delivery, teachings styles, and learning. 


The Collaboration portion of the Intel Teachers’ Companion provides tools that allow educators to stay in touch with peers, publish their thoughts, and create teams. Educators can also join the Teachers Engage community where they can learn from and interact with educators from all over the world, focusing on the effective use of technology in the classroom.