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Properly implemented educational technology can substantially improve student achievement. Intel’s K-12 blueprint includes guidance on key implementation factors such as leadership, digital content, and professional development. When it comes to infrastructure, we realize that it can be challenging to build an efficient but adaptable environment given the accelerated pace of new devices, new usage models, increasing security risks, and expanding requirements for staff and support. Intel education technology experts can help you get the right fit based on the total cost of ownership (TCO) and best value for your school.

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K-12 Computing Blueprint for eLearning Initiatives Explore our blueprint for building effective and ambitious technology initiatives—ones that are based on real-world successes and that take into account the complex array of variables that impact schools today including: leadership, professional development, infrastructure, digital content, funding, policy, and results.

Learning and Teaching Platforms Intel-based laptops, tablets, netbooks, desktops, and servers are key components of successful learning environments worldwide. The latest Intel-based products are designed not only for performance, but also for security, manageability, and connectivity. PCs are sophisticated communications, collaboration, and content creation tools that enable a complete teaching and learning experience.

Data Center Solutions Finding an affordable, sustainable IT infrastructure for your school can be a challenge. That’s why we offer infrastructure recommendations to schools seeking to provide a reliable, secure, and manageable environment.

Digital Content Making the move from traditional textbooks to digital content saves money and opens the door to a wealth of information and new ways of teaching. Students become more engaged and their learning is enhanced.

Cost Estimation and Funding When faced with the question of how to finance your eLearning program, use our cost estimation tools and funding models including real-life examples to discover a variety of options and a methodology for evaluating which options are appropriate to specific environments.