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Intel eLearning Deployment Guide: Integrate ICT in Education

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Intel eLearning Deployment Guide: Integrate ICT in Education

This booklet will help you design effective eLearning programs that can transform education in your country. The Intel eLearning Deployment Guide, How to integrate ICT in education for the 21st Century, includes key information, discussions of a number of important topics, real-world examples of success, and practical activities to help you get started. With this book as a guide, you can start now to create your own plan for education success. Welcome to eLearning in the 21st century!

Chapter 1: Successful eLearning Programs

You see it all around you—countries like yours are actively creating and using eLearning programs to accelerate the use of information and communications technology (ICT) in school classrooms. And the reason is clear: eLearning programs equip students with 21st century skills that enable them—and the countries they live in—to thrive and be successful in today’s global economy.

This economy has already improved the lives of millions of people, and it will improve the lives of many millions more. These economic and educational changes are not on the horizon; they are occurring now.

This chapter gives an introduction to eLearning programs and their benefits. It should help you start to define objectives for your eLearning program.

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