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Mobilize Millennials: Enable Anytime, Anywhere, Any Way Learning

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Mobilize Millenials: Enable Anytime, Anywhere, Any Way Learning

Mobilizing the Millennials Ubiquitous Computing Enables Anytime, Anywhere, Any Way Learning One-to-One: Putting the Personal Back Into Personal Computing

Educators have long strived to provide a learning experience that not only reflects but is tailored to the needs and learning styles of individual students. The goal has been to reduce the distance between the student and knowledge, content and learning, experience and education. To that end, educational technology has been instrumental in making information available to students just in time, just in the right quantity and in just the right way.

Introduction : During a blush of millennium-related predictions, libertarian futurist Lewis Perelman predicted that schools as we know them would be irrelevant by now as students interacted with teachers, colleagues and content from any location with their own computer. Perelman’s vision can be seen today in the virtual schools movement — where ubiquitous networked computing is transforming the institutional brick and- mortar schools he once decried. Indeed, over the last decade, most schools have made a conservative effort to get wired, connect classrooms, improve student- to-computer ratios, train teachers and students and collect valuable student data, making it possible to have individualized instruction. But what if, as Perelman predicted, those classroom walls simply stopped mattering? Are we at a point in our evolution when it is time to move to one-to-one computing and fully extend our teaching and learning environments well beyond the walls of the school? One-to-one computing — originally defined as each teacher and student having 24/7 access to a computer and software — has emerged as a personalized platform for teaching and learning with wireless connectivity that greatly improves Internet accessibility. One-to-one computing now provides anytime, anywhere and any way access.

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