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Create a Blueprint for eLearning

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Create a Blueprint for eLearning

Technology has a crucial role to play in preparing young people for success in the 21st century, but such success requires a lot more than simply placing the right tools in students’ hands. In the pages that follow, we offer a blueprint for building effective and ambitious technology initiatives — ones that are based on real-world successes and that take into account the complex array of variables that impact schools today. These include:

Policy: Shown as the outer ring on the diagram on the cover; federal, state and local policy provides the context in which all education takes place. Whether responding to government-mandated testing and accountability requirements, participating in a state-level initiative designed to address issues of greatest concern to citizens and politicians, or working with your local community to build acceptable use policies that encourage learning while keeping students safe, understanding the elements of effective policy-making is crucial to school leaders today.

Leadership: Strong and insightful leadership — at a building, district or higher level — is one of the key elements in implementing an initiative that leads to results. Having a vision for how technology can transform teaching and learning, an understanding about how to build effective teams and solicit buy-in from stakeholders, and an ability to communicate effectively using 21st-century tools are all important elements of effective leadership.

Funding: Foremost on the list of concerns for many education leaders today, funding to implement visionary programs is an important challenge to be addressed. This involves identifying sources of initial funding, having an intimate understanding of TCO (total cost of ownership) and VOI (value of investment), and tapping into the efficiencies and cost-savings made possible by technology implementation.

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