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Intel® Teach Program

The objective of this program is to improve teacher effectiveness through professional development, helping teachers integrate technology into their lessons, and promoting students' problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration skills. Intel Teach is the largest, most successful program of its kind with more than 10 million teachers trained worldwide and 1.3 million in Europe.


It is easiest to start with Intel Teach Essentials, a program that serves as a basic training course for teachers. The course has eight modules (32 class hours and 12 out-of-class hours), with each one revealing the peculiarities of an activity, such as project work, planning classes, being student-oriented, student grades, implementing new technologies, training students to be successful, etc.

By studying this course, teachers get all the necessary material and instructions on class organization, installing digital laboratories, computer rooms and other parts of the learning environment to meet the standards of the 21st century


Intel Teach Elements courses can be taken online as self-study for personal professional growth experience. Intel also supports integration of the course into online and face-to-face professional development programs, and provides facilitation materials (see links below). The facilitation materials promote a deeper experience for teachers as they work through the e-learning modules. In a facilitated experience, small group discussions and Action Plan sharing builds professional learning communities around the course content.

Whether self-paced or facilitated, the instructional design includes:

  • Animated e-learning tutorials
  • Interactive learning exercises
  • Offline activities to apply concepts

Advanced Online

Advanced Online is a blended learning programme that focuses on innovative teaching practices and learning styles to improve the teaching and learning experience. To facilitate participation, collaboration and certification, the programme is based on an online platform. Core to the programme is the learning path, the actual ‘course’ or ‘module’ participants will work their way through. It is a structured approach that allows the effective combination of different modes of delivery, models of teaching and styles of learning. It explores innovative methods, which support self-organised learning for pupils, with the added value of ICT.