Put Learning in Students' Hands

Make education a unique experience with the freedom to learn anywhere. Choose tablets and allow students and teachers to explore mobile learning in—and outside of—the classroom.


Why Choose Tablets for Your Classroom?

Bring better self-directed, collaborative learning to your students with the lightweight portability and touch screen of Intel®-based tablets. So what exactly makes tablets such a great choice for education?

  • All-day battery life lets students learn longer.
  • The thin design improves mobile learning.
  • The interface supports inquiry learning and data gathering, analyzing, and presenting.
  • Built-in security protects sensitive classroom data.
  • Intel® architecture allows integration with existing tools and applications.

What to Consider When Choosing Tablets for Education

  • Total cost of ownership, including manageability.
  • Connectivity and online or offline support.
  • Some include pen-enabled capabilities.
  • Access to secure content and approved applications.
  • Cloud management and security features.

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Engaging Students, Improving Learning

Need help getting started with your classroom tablets? Teachers Suzy Brooks and Vicki Davis share their thoughts on involving students in the learning process and how to excite and immerse your class by spicing up old lesson plans using your new technology.

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From their desks or in the field, give students the power to unlock amazing education experiences—with tablets for education.

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