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Intel® Pro Wireless Display Deployment Guide

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Intel® Pro Wireless Display Deployment Guide

As of writing (January 2014), Intel® Pro Wireless Display (Intel® Pro WiDi) technology is not yet intended for broad deployment into production at an enterprise. However, enterprises are increasingly aware of the benefits of Intel® WiDi and want to take advantage of these capabilities in the workplace. However, consumer and enterprise requirements are very different. Companies typically have more stringent demands for data security, and often must comply with regulatory requirements to protect sensitive information. An unsecure wireless connection to a projector or television might create unwanted risk. Businesses also have to consider life-cycle management and scalability when deploying technologies like WiDi. Intel Pro WiDi builds on the capabilities of Intel® WiDi and provides business with the tools and technologies to bring this capability to the enterprise. This document is intended to guide you through the process of performing a limited pilot of Intel Pro WiDi technology.

This document is intended for IT administrators and professionals planning to evaluate Intel Pro WiDi in a limited Proof-of-Concept (POC) environment within an enterprise.

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