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Dental provider offers help desk and remote desktop management services to 3,500 systems nationwide

• Remotely manage 3,500 systems across several hundred locations
• Support minimum of 10 percent annual growth
• Streamline user experience and improve negative perception of IT

• Teamed with allied Digital, which now provides help desk and remote desktop management services
• Standardized on Intel® vPro™ technology and provisioned the technology to allow remote access to PCs
• Lowered costs, improved security, and improved user experience through controlled software pushes

Nonstop growth, distributed environment create challenges

Dentists are medical professionals whose expertise (and interest) typically lies in dentistry, not in running businesses. That’s one reason many dental practices partner with a leading healthcare service provider that offers a wide range of business support, including managing back-end business systems and IT infrastructure.

Of course, managing the IT needs for hundreds of dental practices around the country—each with unique equipment and needs—presents an immense challenge. Every time the service provider affiliated with another dental practice, the in-house IT department had to quickly assess the environment, manually update the back-end and front-end systems, and then provide ongoing maintenance and updates.

The company’s enterprise infrastructure manager (EIM) says the process was slow, difficult, inconsistent—and costly. “We used to do it the old-fashioned way, with staff on site that would push software onto the desktops manually,” he said. “It didn’t go smoothly. We didn’t always have the software we needed, the expertise on hand, or the appropriate delivery mechanism to get it to the end user.”

Double-digit growth rates intensified the pressure on the in-house IT department, until in 2010 the company turned to Allied Digital, a large, worldwide IT services and solutions provider that specializes in remote desktop management services.

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