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Scalable Data Storage Cures Healthcare Woes

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Scalable Data Storage Cures Healthcare Woes: White Paper

Executive Overview
Healthcare providers and researchers need to solve increasingly complex problems, make better decisions faster, and cut costs. The key to achieving these goals is to unlock the value of healthcare data, including electronic health records, public health information, and claims data. The capability to understand and act upon this data can help create a more efficient and effective healthcare industry.

A recent analysis of big data estimated that in the U.S. healthcare industry, big data represents a USD 300 billion potential annual value over the next 10 years, two-thirds of which will be in the form of reducing national health care expenditures. The study also indicated that in the developed economies of Europe, government administrations could save more than USD 149 billion in operational efficiency improvements.

Achieving these benefits relies on the ability to address the huge volumes of healthcare data that exist and are growing exponentially. Data is stored in isolated repositories in incompatible formats. Videos, X-ray images, scanned documents, and recorded doctors’ notes are just a few examples of the disparate data sources that have potential value.

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