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White Paper: Advanced Board Bring Up - Power Sequencing Guide for Embedded Intel® Architecture

Advanced Board Bring Up: Power Up Sequencing Guide

Intel® Architecture designs in embedded systems have been present for a long time, however the complexity of the systems have grown almost exponentially with each generation of the IA architecture adding more hardware features and more devices to the system. This addition of devices means the power supply into the board needs to be robust to support the various devices. Apart from the power supply being robust the entire power subsystem and routing on the board including the sequencing needs to be spot on so that the board can power up without any issues.

In my previous whitepapers, I have given the basics of what to look for on the board before you power on the system and also how to check the accuracy of the layout of the board. There was also a brief introduction to general power sequencing. The objective of this paper is to take the board bring up a step further and show the process from actual power on to the point where you start fetching code from the BIOS. We will have a detailed look at the Embedded IA board with respect to the signals that make up the majority of the power up sequencing and how the entire circuitry can be deciphered easily.

Read the full Advanced Board Bring Up: Power Up Sequencing Guide White Paper.

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