Intel IT: Information Security should Protect and Enable

Executive Insights Intel IT: Information Security should Protect and Enable 

Information security can enable new usage models while protecting corporate assets.

The world is no longer flat. At Intel IT we realized we needed to rethink how we approach enterprise security. We cannot continue to spend all our resources trying to block every threat. Our new approach takes into considerat...ion that the role of enterprise security is to both protect and enable Intel’s business, including supporting new usage models like cloud computing, IT consumerization and social computing.

A New Security Strategy

In late 2009, Intel IT launched a radical five-year redesign of our information security architecture. This redesign introduces a granular trust model that looks at people and data as the new perimeter.

Enabling Employees with New Solutions

Intel IT security team understands the need to enable new technologies and usages, such as IT consumerization and social media – while continuing to protect our enterprise.

Embracing Risk

Malcolm Harkins, Intel CISO believes running toward the risk in order to help shape and guide the risk represents the best approach to securing an enterprise.

Securing Web-based Solutions

Online is how business is conducted today. Intel IT is actively reaching out to consumers, enterprise customers, and business partners using Web sites and external social media platforms.

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