Aligning IT with Business Goals through Strategic Planning

Aligning IT with Business Goals through Strategic Planning

Executive Summary

Intel IT has a new strategic planning process that better aligns our activities with those of the corporate business groups. We’ve developed and implemented a new approach that identifies Intel IT’s goals and directions over the next two to five years, while fostering a close connection with overall Intel st...rategies.

Our new strategic planning process:

• Integrates our strategic planning calendar with the Intel corporate planning cycle, keeping Intel IT activities synchronized with the company’s direction.
• Consolidates expertise and ideas from across Intel IT, bringing together a variety of perspectives in an efficient manner.
• Responds to changes in the industry by evaluating and adjusting the plan on a regular basis, helping to ensure it is always up to date.

By integrating the strategic planning process into the Intel IT Management System— the overarching activities we use to manage our organization—planning, decision making, and evaluation activities flow naturally from one step to the next. The two- to five-year plan is communicated throughout IT to provide an understanding of our environment and enlist support for the strategic directions.

A solid strategic planning process is critical to the long-term success and health of Intel IT. Our new approach to planning enables us to more closely align our IT investments and solutions with Intel strategies, and as the process evolves, we will continue to find new ways to provide results that support Intel’s business direction.

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