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IT@Intel Technology Tips

Education & awareness for a variety of personal and professional IT topics

IT@Intel Technology Tips

This Intel IT article series was created to educate our employees on a variety of information technology subjects. The goal is to help improve employee productivity, take advantage of new IT services and raise awareness on other IT topics of interest both personal and professional.

What to do when your device gets wet

How to dry out phones, music players and cameras, plus keep them moisture free.

Think Before You Send

Email has become the communication standard for most businesses.  We all are guilty of sending off an email that may have embarrassed us later.  In this IT@Intel Technology Tip, we look at six common email mistakes and how to avoid them.

Seven Cyber Sins: Online Mistakes You Can Avoid

Intel IT explains some of the most common online mistakes and how you can avoid them.

How to protect your handheld device or laptop from water damage

Ever spilled coffee on your laptop or cell phone and wondered what to do next? In this IT@Intel Technology Tip, Intel IT shares several techniques that show you how to breathe new life back into your device.

Nine things you should never do while on a Wi-Fi hotspot

Here are some precautions to take whenever you access public Wi-Fi that can keep your computer and its information safe from unwanted eyes.

Simple Ways to Boost Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

We love them for what they do for us, but we hate them when the battery is dead!  In this IT@Intel Technology Tip, we offer several simple ways to get the most out of your smartphone’s battery life.  

The PC that came in from the cold

Protecting your laptop from the winter weather; Six ways to avoid a different kind of “freeze up.”
In this IT@Intel Technology Tip, Intel IT shares six ways to keep your laptop safe from the elements as you make your way through winter.

Take a Bite out of Grime: Keeping your computer clean

Getting rid of dust, crumbs, and other dirt takes minimal effort IT@Intel tips to keep your PC running smoothly.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Computer’s Battery

Squeeze the most mileage out of your notebook’s battery without harming your computer – or yourself.

How to work comfortably on your notebook

Do you work directly from your notebook for long periods of time? In this IT@Intel Technology Tip, Intel IT shares several techniques that show you how to set up your notebook to improve your posture and reduce potential discomfort.

Your last words are your passwords: what happens to your digital life when you pass away?

In this IT@Intel Technology Tip, Intel IT offers some common sense advice for helping your family know what to do with your online identity and resources after you are gone.

Top 12 Ways to Keep your PC Cool

Many parts of the world are experiencing heat waves and excessively hot weather.  While we can’t offer any new advice for people to try to beat the heat, in this IT@Intel Technology Tip, we can offer our top 12 ways to keep your PC cool.

Ten ways to reduce your computer’s energy need

Tips to make your PC more energy efficient, help save the environment, and help save money.

Minding your Manners on Instant Messaging

We all love how fast instant messaging allows us to ask questions and get answers. But did you know that instant messaging has its own etiquette and guidelines? In this IT@Intel Technology Tip, we share several Do's and Don'ts for proper and effective instant messaging.

New, faster SSDs go Mainstream for Intel IT laptops

Hard drive technology has been evolving at a rapid pace over the last decade – more capacity, higher speeds and smaller sizes. Here’s a high level education about Solid State Drive technology to improve your “geek IQ” and a look into why Intel IT is putting them in every laptop PC as well as a few other things you probably want to know about SSDs.

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