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Transforming Sales Productivity with Social Collaboration

Integrating business systems for more working flexibility

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Transforming Sales Productivity with Social Collaboration

Executive Overview
To better adapt to changing market conditions, accelerate implementation of effective sales strategies, and provide more solutions for Intel customers, Intel IT and Sales and Marketing formed a team to improve collaboration capabilities and provide individual productivity gains. This team created a scalable social collaboration framework that integrates business systems and provides flexibility for the evolving way employees work. This powerful new way of conducting business is increasing revenue as it improves customer insights and productivity.

Building on Intel’s Advanced Collaboration Environment (ACE) strategy, an existing initiative to transform sales processes, Intel IT implemented a social collaboration platform that enables sales teams to discover content and people, and participate in focused, relevant discussions—speeding decision making. This platform has opened up the collective intelligence of the sales organization.

Technology was only part of the solution. We needed to transform business processes and change employee behavior to fully realize the potential of social collaboration. That kind of transformation required a strong partnership between Intel Sales and Marketing and IT leadership.

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