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Intel at World Hosting Days 2015 

Experience Software Defined Infrastructure innovations & technologies.

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23rd April 2015

Prospero House- London Bridge

An all-day event bringing you strategic insights from the leading names in enterprise mobility & mobile device management. Join us to hear firsthand accounts of successful implementations of enterprise mobility & device management technology and policies from real-life case studies. Learn how to secure devices and networks from leading industry thinkers and suppliers.

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The 2015 Manchester event will bring together 60+ exhibitors, 65+ free to attend seminars and 5 theatres all under one roof.  With the attendance of headline industry speakers the event is the must attend event of the year for CIOs, heads of IT, technology experts and engineers.

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12th-13th May

The Brewery, London

Learn. Meet. Party. Get practical how-tos and best practices from industry experts and IT peers! Geek out with liked-minded IT pros, tech vendors and the Spiceworks team! Meet n' greet (and enjoy some pints) with fellow techies!

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A Mobile Platform Everybody Can Agree On

BYOD and a barrage of new products on the client side have created a wide gap between end users and IT. But one way to bridge that gap is with versatile, purpose-built mobile platforms that improve the business user’s experience while satisfying IT’s needs for security, manageability, and performance.

Join us for Defining the Ideal Mobile Platform for Business to hear Intel business client specialist Eduardo Campoy and moderator Chris Hubbard examine these critical considerations in selecting a mobile platform everyone can agree upon:

  • Key areas for improving the user experience
  • Reducing total cost of ownership
  • Enhancing security and usability
  • Ensuring software compatibility
  • Maintaining enterprise-level standards
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Talk to an Expert Series

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