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V3 Enterprise Mobility Summit  

V3 is hosting the online Enterprise Mobility Summit featuring industry experts, IT professionals and analysts, sharing their views on the key business mobility trends for the year ahead, and the best ways firms can take advantage of the shift to mobile and flexible working. Register now for our three-day online summit, which is free to attend, to get advice, tips and technical detail on the best approaches to BYOD, mobile device management and remote working.

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Dell OEM and Intel Webinar

Wednesday 11th March

Dell OEM and Intel have been working together to understand the changing market and what the two companies can provide in terms of IT technology and services to help customers effectively compete in this high growth market. We also look at the future and provide insight into the Internet of Things and how video surveillance resides at the heart of it.

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A Mobile Platform Everybody Can Agree On

BYOD and a barrage of new products on the client side have created a wide gap between end users and IT. But one way to bridge that gap is with versatile, purpose-built mobile platforms that improve the business user’s experience while satisfying IT’s needs for security, manageability, and performance.

Join us for Defining the Ideal Mobile Platform for Business to hear Intel business client specialist Eduardo Campoy and moderator Chris Hubbard examine these critical considerations in selecting a mobile platform everyone can agree upon:

  • Key areas for improving the user experience
  • Reducing total cost of ownership
  • Enhancing security and usability
  • Ensuring software compatibility
  • Maintaining enterprise-level standards
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Talk to an Expert Series

Take advantage of this series of interactive web events that feature experts from Intel and the IT world.