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Mitigate Insider Threats with Open-Source Intelligent Security

Take a new approach to preempting insider threats

Grant Babb

Grant Babb, Proactive Investigations Program manager for Intel IT, discussed the impact of insider threats on organizations and the open-source software and best practices Intel has developed to preempt this type of attack. Replay this webinar to learn about:

  • A new approach to preempting insider threats: How we combined business intelligence and behavioral monitoring
  • How Intel IT developed Intel® Pro-I: A new software tool used by Intel to proactively identify potential insider threats that we’re now making freely available through General Public License (GPL)
  • Insider threat personas: Profiles of insiders who—for one reason or another—deliberately compromise IT data and systems
  • The changing security environment: Why the way we work today via mobile and cloud has changed the way we need to approach insider threats
  • The skills you need: The knowledge and expertise you need on staff to mitigate the risk of insider threats and make the best use of this unique approach
  • Grant also answered questions from attendees during the moderated question-and-answer portion of the webinar.

Replay coming soon.