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Project RED: Cost Savings Calculator

Calculates the cost savings between your traditional classroom costs per student and the potential cost reduction with the Project RED program.

e-Learning Examples - Intel® Education Solutions Case Studies

These e-learning examples from around the world demonstrate successful education transformations with the Intel® Education Solutions.

Project RED: Readiness Tool

Project RED's Implementation Readiness Tool helps assess technology readiness to find the right strategies and tools for technology implementation.

Kno™ Products—Intel® Education Software

Discover Kno™ platforms and tools that integrate meaningful tech solutions into the classroom to drive performance, engagement, and learning success.

Case Study: A Robust Education Policy Framework in Singapore

Describes Singapore's education policy framework that helps improve education and prepare students to lead the global knowledge economy.

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Case Study: Policy-Based Education Transformation in Peru and Panama

ICT initiatives support the education transformation in Peru and Panama to increase digital literacy and economic development.

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Professional Learning Implementation Checklist

Guide: Describes key steps for implementing a professional learning program that prepares schools for an educational technology initiative.

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Case Study: San Luis, Argentina’s All Kids Online Program

Review of the All Kids Online program in San Luis, Argentina, finds more efficient teachers and improvements in student learning.

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Curriculum and Assessment Implementation Checklist

Guide: Provides some considerations on modernizing and aligning curricular frameworks and assessments to improve student outcomes.

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Case Study: Innovative Approaches to Funding in Portugal, Nigeria, and Russia

Explores innovative funding approaches used by Portugal, Nigeria, and Russia to support educational initiatives for digital literacy.

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