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DDR3 1333 MHz Non-ECC SODIMM Validation Results

Test results for DDR3 1333 MHz Non-ECC SODIMM modules on Intel® P55 Express Chipset-based motherboards as guidance to module performance.

Fully Buffered DIMM System Validation Results

Test results for passing FBDIMM modules on Intel® reference systems and Channel Test Card as guidance for memory compatibility with Intel® chipsets.

Advanced Memory Buffer Component Validation Results

Results for passing AMB components assembled on FBDIMMs and tested on Channel Test Card and Intel Reference Platforms.

FBDIMM and AMB Validation Process

Overviews verification process for industry and Intel’s specification compliance, showing module and component functionality in Intel® systems.

4th Gen Mobile Intel® Core™ Processor Platform Design Addendum

Design Addendum: Updates the 4th generation mobile Intel® Core™ processor platform with guidelines for ECC memory routing. (v.2.4, June 2014)

Haswell Mobile Platform: Design Guide

Design Guide: Provides Haswell mobile platform recommendations to ensure maximum flexibility while reducing board-related issues. (v.2.3, May 2014)

4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors with Intel® Q87 Chipset

Find Intel® Q87 Chipset and 4th gen Intel® Core™ processor-based platform features, datasheets, specs, and block diagram, for intelligent systems.

DDR2 533/400 MHz Unbuffered DIMM Validation Results

Test results for DDR2 533/400 MHz DIMM modules on Intel® chipset-based motherboards for guidance on module performance with Intel® chipset platforms.

DDR Archives and DIMM Module DDR Validation Results

View results verifying DDR SDRAM compliance to Intel specifications and performance of supported memory modules.

DDR2 400 MHz Registered DIMM System-level Validation Results

Test results for DDR2 400 MHz DIMM modules passing system-level validation on Intel® E7500 chipset series-based platforms.