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Evolutionary Cloud-Based Solutions from Yanzi Networks

Yanzi Networks deliver robust and evolutionary IoT solutions with easy-to-install networking platforms that offer cost-efficient local analytics.

2 in 1 Devices Do More with Less

Infographic: Leave the extra devices at home; do more and carry less with a 2 in 1, and get full computing with a touch screen.

The Best Mobile Healthcare Prescription - 2 in 1 Devices

Infographic: Give doctors, nurses, and mobile caregivers a 2 in 1, the right tool for both productivity and personal attention.

2 in 1 for Sales: Accelerate you Business

Infographic: Deliver new customer experiences and close more sales with real-time inventory lookup on a 2 in 1.

Intel works windows specialists improve lob apps

Intel has been working with two dozen leading software vendors to optimise their Line of Business applications to run on Intel processor platforms.

2 in 1 Devices Give Office Workers Freedom, Flexibility, Security

5th generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor-based 2 in 1 devices give office workers freedom, flexibility, and security in the workplace.

The Data Before Christmas

Intel® IT Center provides members with exclusive access to insights, research, and reports, and connects them with peers and IT experts at Intel.

Big Data Analytics: Maximizing Marketing Insight

A new big data marketing analytics program helps Intel focus more resources on successful media campaigns.

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The Data before Christmas: Introducing Santa, business visionary

Santa Claus has been considered a technology visionary ever since taking delivery of his first mainframe in the 1970s

The Data before Christmas: Keeping Santa well-supplied

Supply-chain management lies at the heart of any complex, growing organisation – and Santa's is no exception