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Intel® XMM™ 6260: Brief

Brief: The Intel® XXM™ 6260 is a highly integrated platform requiring minimal PCB board space and less power consumption.

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Slim Modem for DC-HSPA Smartphones, Data Cards, M2M Apps

Brief: Highly integrated and low power consuming, the Intel® XMM® 6360 slim modem supports EDGE and DC-HSPA smartphones for fast global connectivity.

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Ultra Slim Modem for Internet of Things, 3G Smartphones, M2M and Unconventional Client Device

Ultra Slim Modem for Internet of Things, 3G Smartphones, M2M and Unconventional Client Device

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Intel® XMM™ 7262 Slim Modem—LTE Advanced

Product Brief: With a power-efficient design, the Intel® XMM™ 7262 slim modem delivers enhanced media streaming, voice capabilities, and more.

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Intel® Mobile Solutions

Discover Intel’s broad portfolio of mobility products and technologies for intelligent client solutions, connectivity, and networking.

Intel® Mobile Modem Solutions

Designed for smartphones, tablets, and 2 in 1s, Intel® mobile modem solutions deliver low-power, compact, and cost-effective cellular connectivity.

Intel at Mobile World Congress 2015

Experience the future of wearables, mobile devices, computing, and other solutions at the Intel booth at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona.

Intel® XMM™ 7360 Modem Platform Brief

Brief: Lists features of the Intel® XMM™ 7360 modem, which delivers performance and leading-edge capabilities in a compact, power-efficient design.

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Intel GmbH ISO 9001: 2008* DNV Certificate

DNV Business Assurance Management System Certificate certifies that Intel Mobile Communications GmbH conforms to the ISO 9001:2008* standard.

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Smartphones Powered with Intel Inside®

Delivering power on the go, Intel® processor-based smartphones enable fast web browsing, responsive apps, multitasking capabilities, and an HD camera.