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Истории успеха: Семейство процессоров Intel® Xeon® E5

Case studies about issues relevant to designing a data center and cloud computing.

Аналитические отчеты: проектирование центра обработки данных для облачной среды

Прогнозы, отчеты исследований и аналитические заключения по проблемам, связанным с проектированием центра обработки данных и среды облачных вычислений.

Data Center Infrastructure with Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 Family

Это руководство поясняет, как процессоры Intel® Xeon® E5 помогают ИТ-менеджерам создавать инфраструктуру ЦОД следующего поколения.

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Executive Interviews: Justin Rattner The Link Between Standards and Innovation

Executive Interviews: Justin Rattner talks link between standards and innovation.

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Evaluating in-memory computing performance in big data analytics

NTT Data demonstrates superior performance of Intel® Xeon® processor E7 family in heavy load evaluation

NIST Guidelines for Media Sanitization

NIST is responsible for developing standards and guidelines for providing adequate information security for all federal agency operations and assets.

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Intel and CPRM

Intel, CPRM and CPPM advance content protection to parallel innovation in the digital home.

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Intel and DCTP*

Intel helped to develop the Digital Transmission Content Protection standards specification to provide protected digital entertainment in the home.

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Intel and USB: Make It Easier to Connect Devices to PCs

Case Study: overview and history of the Universal Serial Bus (USB).

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