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Embedded Innovation Connects the World to Interactive Experiences

Promotion: Embedded innovation enables interactive experiences that are engaging and secure, with seamless connectivity. (v.1, Jan. 2011)

Costa Coffee’s Digital Barista Predicts Customer Cravings

Costa Coffee’s digital barista uses Intel® technology to generate real-time analytics of consumers and offer options for a custom cup of coffee.

Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework Powers Retail Applications

Animation: Retail applications rely on the Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework for connectivity, security, and manageability. (v.1, Jan. 2013)

Intel® Retail Client Manager Channel Creation Tutorial

Tutorial: Demos how to setup and configure channels and player registration for easily organized displays using Intel® Retail Client Manager.

Intel® Retail Client Manager Simple Campaign Tutorial

Tutorial: Demos how to create a simple, full-screen campaign with what, when, and where basic elements using Intel® Retail Client Manager.

Using the Intel® Retail Client Manager Schedule Functions

Demonstrates schedule functions in the Intel® Retail Client Manager, including schedule type, import/export, and basic/recurring schedules.

Intel® Retail Client Manager: Create Playlists

Access step-by-step instructions to create playlists with the Intel® Retail Client Manager via the context menu or the ribbon.

Conditional Play with Intel® AIM Suite: Tutorial

Tutorial shows how to change the settings for conditional play of targeted ads with Intel® Audience Impression Metrics Suite (Intel® AIM Suite).

Intel® Retail Client Manager Video Tutorial: Triggers

Describes how to configure players for triggered messages, create trigger campaigns, and test the triggers with Intel® Retail Client Manager.