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利用 ImTOO * YouTube * 将视频下载至 iPod * Converter 的软件评估指南

英特尔® 处理器在利用 ImTOO* YouTube* 将视频下载至 iPod* Converter 方面的性能测量指南。

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软件评估指南: 同时下载和上传

英特尔 ® 处理器的性能: 利用 ImTOO* YouTube 同时将视频下载和上传至 iPod Converter 和 Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0*。

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面向 Photodex ProShow Gold 3.2* 的软件评估指南

本指南用于利用 Photodex ProShow Gold 3.2* 对英特尔® 处理器的性能进行测量。

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Mobile Device Security: Intel IT Best Practices

To improve device security, we use a security model that calculates which devices can be trusted and moves users to the appropriate security level.

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Online Security: Intel IT Best Practices

Learn how to increase your online security and protect yourself from online scammers this holiday season.

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Intel® Communications Chipset 89xx Series FIPS Certification Guide

Guide: Provides an overview of Intel® Communications Chipset 89xx Series and how it is certified for FIPS standards. (v.1.2, Jan. 2014)

Choosing the Best Content Management System for Digital Signage

Solution Brief: Intel® Retail Client Manager is the best content management system to meet digital signage needs such as scalability and analytics.

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Network Operators Get Digital Signage Remote Management

Solution Brief: Intel® Remote Client Manager scalability and remote management features simplify repairing, and maintaining digital signage networks.

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New Audience Analytics and Remote Control Features in Intel® RCM

Solution Brief: New audience analytics and remote control features in Intel® Retail Client Manager increase effectiveness and lower cost of ownership.

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Intel® Retail Client Manager

Enabling real-time content management across digital outlets, Intel® Retail Client Manager creates value and targets audiences.