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MiCloud* Boosts Competitiveness in Cloud Hosting Services

Case Study: MiCloud* reduces storage and network adapter transmission delays, boosting processing performance for improved cloud services.

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浪潮丁煜:x86 服务器已成关键应用“好声音”

浪潮和英特尔已经建立芯片级的战略合作关系,浪潮在服务器新品的预研发方面也大幅提前。有鉴于云计算、大数据等发展趋势迅猛,浪潮会继续加大基于英特尔至强 E7 为平台的多路高端 x86 服务器的研发,以满足不同行业用户对高端 x86 服务器的需求。

X86 架构——证券 IT 的激进与稳健之道

随着 x86 服务器在性能、稳定性、安全性的不断提升,以及 x86 本身所具有的成本优势,x86 将在证券行业有更大的应用空间。

关键业务应用与选择 X86 架构已是大势所趋

随着 X86 平台的不断演进与市场份额的不断扩大,传统的关键业务领域已经由原来的 RISC 架构一家独大变成了 RISC、X86 两分天下,并且在数据中心应用中,越来越多的用户倾向于使用价格更便宜、性能更出色、功耗更节约的 X86 平台。

Air-Cooled High-Performance Data Centers: Case Studies and Best Methods

White Paper: Intel has achieved breakthrough power and heat densities at a lower cost than other data center designs.

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Red Hat, Intel Create Secure, Reliable, and Scalable Performance

Solution Brief: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6* for the Intel® Xeon® processor E7 family outlines scalability, security, and cost features.

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Data Center Strategy

Intel IT’s data center strategy for efficient business growth.

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Reset Passwords on Encrypted Hard Drives with Intel ® AMT

Video: explains resetting encrypted passwords with Intel® Active Management Technology on Intel® vPro™ processor tools, saving service time.

Building a Private Cloud Intel IT Best Practices

Learn about the business case for developing a private cloud and the basics of building a cloud for the organization.

Jasper Forest From Intel Animation

Video introduces Jasper Forest: the newest addition to the Intel® Xeon® processor family.