Intel® NUC Provides Powerful Video Security Solution

Intel® NUC is an innovative video security solution that enables users to control cameras from any location and unleash the power of computer vision.

Monitor your home or business with the help of Intel® NUC. Equipped with triple screen display capability, gigabit LAN, and Wi-Fi, it's a powerful solution in a pint sized package for video security. With optional remote management capabilities of Intel® vPro™ technology, you can view video footage and control cameras from any location. With space for an M.2 SSD or a 2.5" HDD with RAID support, you have room to store files locally and the assurance of knowing your content is safe even if a drive fails.

Sighthound Video packages the type of computer vision technology that is normally only deployed by government agencies into software you can have up and running in minutes. Computer vision moves beyond the limitations of motion detection, harnessing the power of the NUC to differentiate between people and objects in video streams from home security cameras. Sighthound automatically finds IP cameras or webcams connected to your network and starts to monitor them to find people. Users can set rules to alert them to intrusions with dramatically fewer false alerts than traditional systems which rely on simple motion detection. There are free iOS and Android apps to monitor the application remotely. Over half a million people have now downloaded Sighthound Video. The Intel® NUC unleashes the full power of computer vision in a device that can be hidden on a shelf or in a closet.

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