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Advanced Memory Buffer Component Validation Results

These are the results of a sample of AMB components assembled on FBDIMMs and tested on Channel Test Card (CTC) and on Intel® reference platform(s). This information is provided as a guide to component compliance to industry specifications and the Intel specification addendum. This testing is not intended to replace the normal OEM component qualification process.

The following Advanced Memory Buffers have passed validation:
Main test vehicles: Intel® reference motherboard with 2/4 DIMMs per channel and CTC.

Validated AMB Components at 533 and 667 MHz
AMB Supplier
AMB Part Number
AMB Revision Date Code Misc
D1 0641 -
C1 0646 -
A1.5 0601 -
C0 0546 **
B5+ 0641 -
B5 0615 §
C1 0635 -

** Temp sensor accuracy does not meet requirements according to specification.

§ Parts require MRC (BIOS) release revision later than revision MRC1.1. B5 part is fully compatible with the Intel design guidelines but may be incompatible with specific power supply designs.

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