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Intel Code of Conduct

Intel Code of Conduct
From Intel President and CEO
Intel competes in fast changing markets. We conduct business in geographies around the world. In this environment of unprecedented change and opportunity, our path to continuing success is clear – uniting under a common vision, shared values, and a consistent standard of conduct. Our business success has always depended on our ability to bui...ld trusted relationships - with one another, customers, suppliers, governments, and communities. But, trusted relationships don’t happen overnight. They’re built over time, on the integrity of every decision we make, every expectation we set and every action we take. Everything we do, big or small, can have big and lasting impact. Sometimes, the right action isn’t obvious. But we have our compass: a mission, a set of shared values, and our Intel Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct represents Intel’s expectations of what it means to act ethically and within the boundaries of the law. Understand the Code. Discuss it, follow it, use it. Find the resources on the Ethics and Compliance intranet site to help you apply the Code to your day-to-day work. The Code is the standard of conduct that unites us, strengthens and allows us to continuously deliver value and build trust year after year.
Brian Krzanich
President and CEO
Since the company began, uncompromising integrity and professionalism have been the cornerstones of Intel’s business. In all that we do, Intel supports and upholds a set of core values and principles. Our future growth depends on each of us understanding these values and principles and continuously demonstrating the uncompromising integrity that is the foundation of our company. The Code of Conduct sets the standard for how we work together to develop and deliver product, how we protect the value of Intel, and how we work with customers, suppliers and others. All of us at Intel must abide by the Code when conducting Intel-related business. The Code affirms Intel’s five principles of conduct:
• Intel Conducts Business with Honesty and Integrity
• Intel Follows the Letter and Spirit of the Law
• Intel Employees Treat Each Other Fairly
• Intel Employees Act in the Best Interests of Intel and Avoid Conflicts of Interest
• Intel Employees Protect the Company’s Assets and Reputation
Read the full Intel Code of Conduct.