Intel Remote Management Module Product Brief 323241-001US

Product Brief: Intel® Remote Management Module

Remote access and management hardware for Intel® Server Products

As a company’s server infrastructure grows, the strain on already-taxed IT staff increases. This is especially true for environments that are geographically dispersed. The need to have dedicated, on-site server administrators for multiple buildings or remote locations can b...e expensive. However, having direct access to server resources can be critical to ensuring that those systems are running optimally and to remediate any issues that may arise.

The Intel® Remote Management Module (Intel® RMM) has been designed to help maximize the efficiency of IT administrators by providing IT staff with remote server management that can be leveraged at nearly every stage in the server lifecycle in businesses of all sizes.

It’s all about IT made easy.

Use the Intel® RMM for:
• Initial server setup, ongoing production monitoring and troubleshooting
• Server recovery and maintenance
• Email notification of warning or critical events
• Secure remote access to full screen KVM features allowing remote monitoring of hardware health, complete power control, and software installation maintenance

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