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Scalable Virtual Worlds: Project

3D virtual worlds provide people an opportunity to interact online in an environment that is more similar to real-life face-to-face interactions. However, today the quality of these worlds is limited by the technical challenges involved in creating these massive shared environments in the cloud while streaming graphics over constrained networks to end users. Intel researchers are working to make the infrastructure underlying these worlds more efficient, scalable, and visually immersive. 

Scalable Virtual Worlds

Research Agenda

  • Enable deeply immersive 3D web experiences to extend to massive numbers of users interacting in complex, realistically rendered virtual environments
  • Enabling broad interoperability among virtual worlds through the development and broad adoption of standards and common, open 3D Web technologies
  • Deliver best-in-class experiences on the full range of Web-enabled devices

Recent Publications

Robert Adams, OpenSimulator Virtual World Server Case Study (Part 1, Part 2), Intel Software Network, Jan. 2011.

C. M. Bowman, D. Lake, and J. Hurliman. Designing Extensible and Scalable Virtual World Platforms. Extensible Virtual Worlds Workshop (X10), 2010.

John Hurliman, Huaiyu Liu, and Mic Bowman. Application of Many-Core Architecture to Virtual World Workloads. Third Workshop on Emerging Applications and Many-core Architecture (EAMA), 2010.

H. Liu, M. Bowman, R. Adams, J. Hurliman, and D. Lake. Scaling virtual worlds: Simulation requirements and challenges. In Proc. of Winter Simulation Conference, 2010.

H. Liu and M. Bowman. Scale Virtual Worlds Through Dynamic Load Balancing. In Proc. of 14th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Distributed Simulation and Real Time Applications, 2010.

Dan Lake, Mic Bowman, Huaiyu Liu. Distributed Scene Graph to Enable Thousands of Interacting Users in a Virtual Environment. The 3rd International Workshop on Massively Multiuser Virtual Environments, 2010. Presented at NetGames, 2010.

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