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Digital Signage Market Segment Overview

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Digital Signage Market Segment Overview

From the big box retailer at the mall to the coffee shop down the street, getting a routine tune-up for your car at a gas station or a comprehensive check-up for yourself at a doctor’s office, chances are wherever you go today you will encounter digital signage.

What Is Digital Signage
A digital sign is a display that shows information:
• What’s on sale (retail)
• What’s on the menu (restaurants)
• What’s happening that day (hotels, colleges/universities)

The possibilities for how and why digital signs are used are infinite: from increasing sales in a retail store, to conveying information and entertainment in an airport, to providing emergency alerts on a college campus.

What Goes Into a Digital Signage Solution
A digital sign can be standalone or part of a network of hundreds or thousands of signs. It can be managed one-by-one or centrally managed from a remote location. Whatever the size or scope of a digital signage solution, the basic components include:
• Display: HD flat-panel screens (LCD or plasma), handling a wide range of media inputs, increasingly with touch capabilities and the ability to interact with mobile devices

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