Transforming the End-to-End Customer Experience

Transforming the End-to-End Customer Experience

Retailers have been using data analytics to generate business intelligence for years. But the availability of more powerful tools and access to more information from inside and outside of the store is enabling amazing shopping experiences that help customers better connect with brands and retailers. With a unique insight into customer preferen...ces, social media impact, and inventory staging throughout the supply chain, forward-thinking retailers can simultaneously increase sales and operations performance.

The end-to-end customer experience is an immersive journey through which consumers dream, discover, browse, investigate, and purchase products. Retailers cement relationships with post-sales support and informative emails, text messages, and other communications. At each step, retailers can better serve customers by gathering and analyzing data that help them offer the right product at the right price, time, and place. Making it easier to put the necessary infrastructure in place, Intel offers professional consulting, tools, and computing platforms that can produce tangible benefits, such as:

• Increase sales per visit with a deeper understanding of customers’ purchase patterns.
• Learn about new sales opportunities by identifying unexpected trends from social media.
• Improve inventory management with greater visibility into the product pipeline.

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