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Merging your physical and digital security

As the lines blur between our physical and digital lives, so do the lines between digital and home security. That’s why the digital security experts at McAfee have partnered with leaders in home automation, such as ADT and Samsung, to create some of today’s most secure home automation and remote home monitoring technologies.

Helping to keep you safe with ADT Pulse*

Starting in 2014, McAfee LiveSafe™ service, the company’s flagship consumer security product, will be offered with the remote home automation features of ADT’s Pulse* service. What does that mean for you? If you’re an ADT Pulse customer, you’ll be able use your mobile device to control your automated home systems with the knowledge that your personal information is safer—including the information you use to access your home. McAfee LiveSafe service for ADT customers is coming soon, and you can currently subscribe to the standalone McAfee LiveSafe service.

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Warding off threats with Samsung HomeSync*

To help protect against the growing range of Android*-based threats that can reach TVs and other mobile and home electronics, McAfee recently announced it will provide digital protection for Samsung HomeSync*. Set to come preinstalled with McAfee VirusScan® Mobile software, HomeSync lets you sync and control your mobile and home content from virtually anywhere, all while bolstering your digital security.

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Learn more about McAfee LiveSafe™ service

McAfee LiveSafe™

McAfee LiveSafe enriches your digital life by helping to secure your data and identity on all of your devices. Connect with confidence using the latest hardware and software security innovations, specifically designed to fit your digital life. Easily enjoy a safe online experience no matter what you do or where you are.

Learn more about ADT Pulse*

ADT Pulse*

ADT Pulse* platform allows you to control various aspects of your home including security, temperature, lights, door locks, and other small appliances through the mobile devices you already use every day.

Learn more about Samsung HomeSync*

Samsung HomeSync*

HomeSync* is an at-home device that seamlessly syncs all of your mobile content wherever you are. Not only can you sync and share content instantly, you can intuitively control HomeSync using your supported mobile device.

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Help protect your identity

McAfee LiveSafe* service works in conjunction with Intel® Identity Protection Technology (Intel® IPT) to authenticate and help protect your identity.

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