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Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop* Software

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Intel® HPC Distribution for Apache Hadoop* Software

Performance Meets Scalability for Big Data Storage
Intel® HPC Distribution for Apache Hadoop* software combines the performance at large scale of Intel® Enterprise Edition for Lustre with the productivity and security of Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop* software. This powerful combination allows users to run their MapReduce* applications—without changes—directly on shared, fast, Lustre-powered storage. This optimizes the performance of MapReduce tasks, while delivering faster, more scalable, easier-to-manage storage.

Tackling the Big Data Challenge
From Wall Street to the Great Wall, enterprises and institutions of all sizes are faced with the benefits and challenges promised by Big Data. But before users can take advantage of the nearly limitless potential locked within their data, they must have affordable, scalable, and powerful software tools to analyze and manage their data.

Industry-Leading File Storage
High performance workloads have expanded. Today’s HPC users are demanding application frameworks to analyze vast amounts of data created by complex simulations. As the most widely deployed file system for HPC, Lustre software can play a critical role for these data-intensive applications. Equally important, Apache Hadoop* is the framework of choice for Big data analytics. Hadoop transforms enormous amounts of data into manageable, distributed datasets that applications can more easily analyze.

Accessing Big Data Insight
When organizations operate both Lustre and Hadoop within a shared HPC infrastructure, they create a powerful foundation for analyzing vast amounts of unstructured data. Hadoop users can access Lustre files directly from Hadoop, without copying them over to the Hadoop environment. Using Lustre in combination with Hadoop makes storage management simpler—providing a single Lustre file system instance rather than partitioned, hard-to-manage storage. Now you, can make more productive use of your storage assets with Intel® HPC Distribution for Apache Hadoop* software.

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 on Intel® HPC Distribution for Apache Hadoop* software, please visit Where to Buy or contact us at: hpdd-sales@intel.com.

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