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Tech Tips: How to Sync Multiple iPods* on One Computer

Do you live in a multiple iPod* household? If so, you may be one of the many people who struggle to sync multiple iPods on one computer. Follow these step-by-step instructions to sync two or more iPods or iPhones* on one computer using iTunes*.

Step One: Create a master playlist for each iPod.

Each iPod and iPhone will need their own master playlist. To do this open iTunes, go to the File menu and select New Playlist.

Step Two: Give each playlist a unique name.

Enter a unique and descriptive name for each master playlist that you create. Make sure to select a name that clearly specifies which iPod or iPhone the playlist corresponds to.

Step Three: Inventory and sort your iTunes library.

To view all of the songs you have in iTunes select the Music menu item. Click on the column headings to sort the music. For instance, clicking on the Artist column heading will sort your music based on Artist name.

Step Four: Drag and drop music into each master playlist.

This step is where you decide which songs go on which iPod. Locate the music in your iTunes music library, then drag and drop the desired songs into the playlists that you created and named earlier.

You can select multiple songs in a row by clicking on the first song, holding down the shift key on your keyboard, then clicking on the last song. To select multiple songs that are not in a row, hold down the control key on your keyboard while clicking on each song.

Once the songs are selected, drag them over to the left and drop them into the desired master playlist.

Step Five: Check the available space on your iPods.

Keep an eye on the bottom of iTunes while you are preparing to sync your iPod. iTunes will display how much space the songs take up. The amount of songs you can add to each iPod will depend on its capacity.

Step Six: Select the iPod within iTunes.

Connect your iPod or iPhone to the computer. Within iTunes locate the device in the navigation bar and select it.

Step Seven: Configure each iPod to sync to the corresponding master playlist.

Within iTunes click on the Music tab, check the Sync music box, and select the master playlist for that iPod. Click the Apply button and wait as the songs from the master playlist are synced to the iPod.

Step Eight: Eject and listen.

Click the Eject button in iTunes, and then disconnect the iPod. You have successfully synced your iPod. Now you can enjoy just the music you have selected for that device. To sync another iPod or iPhone on that computer, repeat the above steps.

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