Intel® She Will Connect: Connecting Women in Africa to Opportunity through Technology

Intel® She Will Connect: Executive Summary

Connecting girls and women to opportunity through technology

We believe that when girls and women are connected to the world through technology, they are connected to a world of opportunity. Technology, the Internet in particular, has transformed the lives of billions of people. It functions as a gateway to ideas, resources, and opportunitie...s that never could have been realized before. All around the world, the Internet is helping people to imagine new possibilities. But girls and women are being left behind.

The Opportunity for Impact
As the Internet can provide enormous economic, social, and professional value, the Internet gender gap has very serious consequences for women and for the society more broadly. To better understand the gap, Intel commissioned the report “Women and the Web”, consulting with the U.S. State Department’s Office of Global Women’s Issues, UN Women, and World Pulse, a global network for women. The report examined women’s access to and use of the Internet in low and middle income countries and found that, on average, nearly 25% fewer women than men are online in developing countries. This represents 200 million fewer women than men online today. In sub-Saharan Africa, the size of the gap is 43%—the largest across all the regions in the study.

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