How can technology help shape your world? To find out, Intel is joining forces with everyone from musicians and designers to athletes and explorers.

Follow their journey together and watch as, armed with an Ultrabook™, they set out to achieve something unique and amazing.

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    Polar Explorer

    In October Ben Saunders will retrace Captain Scott's epic journey to the South Pole. Every ounce of weight counts and only the toughest will survive, so the technology Ben brings with him needs to be as extreme as the conditions.

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    Olympic Triathletes

    To find out what sport and technology can achieve side-by-side, Intel have partnered with current world and Olympic triathlon champions (and keen gamers) Alistair and Jonny Brownlee.

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  • Imogen

    Singer, Songwriter

    With four albums plus a Grammy Award to her name, Imogen Heap, a true innovator of music, has joined forces with Intel to help change the ways in which humans can interact with music and technology.

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  • Christian

    Fashion Designer

    Christian's willingness to embrace new technology, plus her hands-on, DIY approach to fashion leads to unexpected, contemporary creations. So what wonders will she create with Intel's help?

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