Revolutionizing Memory and Storage

We’re changing the game with a unique combination of building blocks that work together to deliver unparalleled performance and new computing possibilities across a breadth of markets.

Datacenters, Reimagined

Intel has transformed the memory and storage hierarchy with Intel® Optane™ technology. By bridging gaps, reducing bottlenecks, and crushing data latency, we’re able to deliver greater agility and value to the data center.

Optimize for End-Users

Learn how virtualized service delivery is transforming end-user computing.

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Streamline Patients’ Experience

Learn how Intel® Optane™ SSDs helped drastically reduce MRI exam times.

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10 Reasons to Deploy Intel® Optane™ Technology in the Data Center

See 10 ways that Intel® Optane™ technology can make a difference for your business.

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Accelerate Your Experience, Your Game, Your Creation

Get the enhanced system performance you expect from modern technology. Whether you’re a content creator, a serious gamer, a professional or just want to multitask like a boss, Intel® Optane™ SSD, and Intel® Optane™ memory can optimize your computer experience on any PC platform—helping you get things done faster and easier.

Work Smarter with Computers That Learn and Adapt

Learn how upgrading your PC can deliver lightning-fast responsiveness and extreme productivity.

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Boost Your Game

Learn how Intel® Optane™ memory helps gamers win.

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Help Ideas Flow Faster

See how Intel® Optane™ memory helps improve creative output.

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Winning the Quest for Faster Storage

Learn why Intel® Optane™ technology is fundamental to processing—and extracting meaning—in the age of explosive data growth.

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Join The Storage Revolution

Learn how Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and Intel® Optane™ technology can help prepare your business for the future.

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